Why hello there!

I'm Christine Elias, a writer and editor who has written lots of stuff you've probably never read. Not because it's bad (I hope) — mostly because it was written for a specialized or internal audience. If you guessed mostly public relations bumf — yep.

I've had one job or another on the periphery of the "public sphere" for over 30 years — as evidenced by my incredibly outdated HTML skills! Almost 33 years to be precise, and with about 5 or so more to go. (Yes, I'm counting.)

Before all that, I was an earnest student of journalism and then PR. Going from the "calling" to the "dark side" certainly is not unusual after a few (or several) years, but I just barely made a ripple in the first vocation before moving on to the next. The reasons were both economic and personal.

I live Toronto with my beloved spouse — who also works in communications — and our collection of mid-century knickknacks.

Oh, I have a blog, too. It's not done in basic HMTL anymore — but it sure used to be!